Blogging with Lesli Peterson

Finding your uniqueness in a crowded industry (principle 2)

March 08, 2024 Lesli Peterson
Blogging with Lesli Peterson
Finding your uniqueness in a crowded industry (principle 2)
Show Notes

Blogging Manifesto Series: Principle 2

If you missed the overview of all 13 principles, find them in this episode, and from there you can also download a 1-page PDF for your review.

Today, we dive into Principle 2 which is ...

We harness our unique strengths and knowledge

Your call to action in this episode is a self-assessment. Here are 10 questions to consider:

1. What topics am I most passionate about? 

2. What unique experiences or perspectives do I bring to these topics?

3. What skills or talents do I have that others in my niche might not?

4. What do my readers currently appreciate most about my content?

5. What feedback have I received from my audience or peers about my unique qualities?

6. How do I prefer to communicate my ideas, and how does this align with my unique strengths?

7. What are the most fulfilling projects or posts I have worked on, and why?

8. What topics or types of content do I feel I could create endlessly without running out of ideas?

9. How do I approach problems or challenges differently from others in my niche?

10. What legacy do I want to leave with my blog, and how do my unique strengths contribute to that?

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