Blogging with Lesli Peterson

Product lead magnets and sales funnels

January 22, 2024 Lesli Peterson
Blogging with Lesli Peterson
Product lead magnets and sales funnels
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Today we’re diving deep into the crux of stage six in your blogging journey: the art of converting your viewers into customers!


First things first, let’s talk about product development. Are you crafting offers that truly resonate with your audience? Remember, the key to success is tailoring your products to meet the unique needs and desires of your followers. It’s not just about what you want to sell, but what your audience is eager to buy. (See the last episode for more on this)


Ever heard of a lead magnet? It’s the bait that lures your audience closer to your brand, providing them with something incredibly valuable in exchange for their contact information. Whether it’s an ebook, a webinar, or a discount code, your lead magnet should be irresistible – a no-brainer for your audience to grab!


Now, what do you do with those leads? That’s where your email sales funnel comes into play. This is your chance to nurture your budding customer relationships, guiding your potential customers down a path that’s paved with personalized content and ultimately leads to a purchase. Remember, this is a partnership with your audience – you’re in it together!


Before you pour your budget into advertising, let’s talk about conversion rates. It’s essential to understand how well your strategies are working. How many leads are turning into customers? This data is your roadmap to success, showing you where to invest to optimize your ad spending.


And yes, even as a blogger, advertising can be a game-changer for you. But don’t leap without looking – make sure your conversion rates justify the spend. Smart advertising can amplify your reach and solidify your brand presence.

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Happy Monday, everybody, who is ready to make this week amazing. Me, me, me, me, me. Okay, so last week we started stage six. If you're new here, we are going through the seven stages of vlogging, and there is an entire episode dedicated to all seven stages. And then, after that, I break... And then, after that, I break each step down into three to four steps, and we're going through those. And we're already at number six. We started it last week. Today we're talking about part two of stage six. And if you remember, last Friday I told you that this stage is really a lot about building products for your business, for your blog. And truly, I think this is going to be a necessary component of making a full-time living, considering that Google's really changed things, that cookies are going away. I mean, the world's turning upside down, quite frankly. I've never seen anything like this in the 14 years I've been blogging. So I'd really encourage you to look into products. So Friday we talked specifically about understanding your audience's needs before you develop the product. Now we're going to assume you've developed the product, and here's what you need to do. Two things in this part of the stage. Number one, create a lead magnet for that product. You might have persona lead magnets, and that is fantastic. You should, if you're this far. And it could be that one of those personas lines up with your product. Likely scenario. But I would encourage you to think about a new lead magnet, a product-specific lead magnet, and here's why. You want to make sure that the information in the lead magnet really aligns with the information in your product, so that it's a natural transition. So that people get the free information, they go, I love this, I just wish there was more. And then you go, hey, I have more. So that's why you want a product-specific lead magnet that is related to your product. And after you have that put in place, you're going to implement a sales funnel that's like a nurture series. So email one is obviously going to be the lead magnet delivery that people request. But then you'll have three more emails after that where you're probably giving them something else for free. You're understanding what their needs and wants and desires are from the last part. So you're addressing those. Maybe think about, you know, why someone wouldn't buy your product. What beliefs they need to overcome in order to make that purchase more easy. So you can deliver that as part of one of those emails. But each time you're kind of setting them up. You're telling a story. You're leading them down the path to your product. So that after you've got those lead magnet delivery, three additional emails that you're sending out. Maybe not three if you've got a really low-priced product. But, you know, if you're, I'd say, $25 or above, three additional emails. And then you pitch them your product. So that in that time, they've gotten to know you. You've given them a lot of value. You've helped them along the way. You're not just asking for their money. Because it's a partnership, right? We want to make income. Yes. But the other side of the coin is impact. That is just as important. And you can't impact people if you're just pushing your products on them. You really have to let people know that you understand what their issues are. And that you're not just pushing a product, but you're pushing a solution. You're offering a solution to them. And that's what makes it feel not salesy at all. And then the last thing I want to say about this part. This is really, again, one of those things that's really quick to say. Not quick to do and to put in place. But you just want to make sure that you are tracking your conversion rate from your lead magnet. And from each of the emails that you deliver. You know, what's the open rate? What's the click-through rate? So of the people who open, how many click? Of the people who click, how many purchase? That is very important information that you need before you ever even think about running any ads. And I had someone recently who was saying, Now, do I really want to run ads? I only live in this particular city. Which wasn't a huge city, but it wasn't small either. And she thought this was only for people in that city. I said, well, first of all, I think it's for people in the shoulder cities also. Like in the drive market. But there are usually tens of thousands of people. Maybe even hundreds of thousands of people in your city. And let's say 1% of them want to buy your product. That's a lot of money, people. So ads really are a good thing. Even for our products as bloggers. Even if we're not selling, you know, we see ads for makeup and courses and all that sort of thing. Well, your product needs ads too. I just don't want you to go there yet. Because you need to understand what your conversion rates are. So that you can optimize them. So that you know when you run an ad, how much it's going to cost you to get a customer. And you can make sure that that leaves you in the green and not in the red. And then once you're in the green, then you optimize it, optimize it. And once you feel like it's optimized as much as you possibly can optimize it. Then you can expand the amount of money that you're placing for that ad. You can run more ads. Because you can feel confident that it's a printing press that you've got going on. And not a hope-wish wonderland. Okay, so that is part two of stage six. You're crafting your lead magnet for your product. You're building an email sales funnel from that lead magnet. And you are measuring it. If you still don't have any ideas about lead magnets or that sort of thing. I encourage you to check out the Lead Magnet Master Kit for free at And if you're in the membership, which is very, very affordable. Then you've got full access to that entire tool. Which will give you product ideas, email, copy. All the things you need to get this in place.