Blogging with Lesli Peterson

Consider this alternative to a 2024 resolution

December 29, 2023 Lesli Peterson
Blogging with Lesli Peterson
Consider this alternative to a 2024 resolution
Show Notes

Resolutions and goal setting are what people talk about this time of year.

I recommend, instead, that you consider some practices (based in the Hindi and Stoic philosophy) that build a better business and a better life year after year after year.

When you focus on these - there is no need to set "resolutions" every year.

1. Design a routine that makes space for all the important parts of your life
2. Cut out all non essentials
3. Take small steps toward your goals and projects
4. Develop a right sense of urgency
5. Document one small win every day
6. Focus on your small step with precision, forgetting about the outcome
7. Choose your friends and information-intake wisely
8. Demand excellence ... concern yourself only with what you have control over...focus on essentials - not too many or too few... be grateful for where you are but resist the status quo... practice ahimsa and remember you are not born for yourself alone.

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