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Planners and Products with Melanie Ferguson

December 13, 2023 Lesli Peterson
Blogging with Lesli Peterson
Planners and Products with Melanie Ferguson
Show Notes

Melanie Ferguson joins us today. She blogs at AND

I'm excited to have her because we get to discuss TWO sides of her business, and BOTH will help you!

First, we talk about her 2024 Content Planner for Creatives which I am ALL ABOUT! I love the goal management, the monthly tracking and the daily calendar.

You can hear us talk about it, or go to the link above to see a video of the layout - then order yours right from Amazon.


Second, we talk about how she came up with this product as a blogger, how she used Chatgpt to conceptualize it, and how she streamlines the sales and marketing by using Amazon.

This episode is filled with several gems so make sure you listen to both parts!

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